your menses and sharks

TransWorld Surf mag has been giving me some fun assignments on the reg. I usually have less time to finish them than I’d like due to prior engagements and responsibilities, but they still pretty much rule.

And this one was about sharks. I like drawing sharks because they remind me a lot of myself they look like slack-jawed puppets, which makes for giggly times to be had in the sketch phase. i usually challenge myself to see how fat and beady-eyed I can make a shark look, and then promptly forget to scan these gems that end up in the trash. Anyway, here’s the final i turned in with the usual eyeball-bursting colors:

And here’s the version designer Sam Allen, in his infinite wisdom, selectively desaturated to make it mesh with his layout colors:

Hooray! I like it! I usually don’t consider desaturated neutral colors (well, not before laughing at myself and dismissing the idea in favor of HIGHLIGHTER PINK) but i might in the future.

and by the way, the piece is to accompany a reader’s question on whether it’s risky to go surfing while on your period (I was never given the answer).



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  1. kRISTINE B. says:

    This looks great! I’ll be surfing next week for the first time and that’s a question I often wondered about….

    May 22nd, 2011 at 5:22 pm

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