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April 10th, 2012

Haven’t updated in a while. but I’m here with a backlog of drawings and stuff that I may or may not eventually post. So for now I’ll update you on this one collaborative mini-zine made for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest back in December, QUICKIE vol. 4. Nick Gazin took this photo of me with my art in the center spread.

The zine got a tiny write-up on Vice here, and we’re planning to have vol. 5 ready for MOCCA FEST, which is an exciting event for a lot of us. Here’s a little preview:

When the time comes I promise I’ll have more than just smut. For now, I’ll leave you with a banner i made last night for our table, whose name is HARDCORE B.F. WEEKEND

Join me NEXT TIME for: various stupid sketchbook drawings that i neglected to show anyone

OH! Also before i forget be sure to check out JULIA SCOTT’S new fuckin comic, TELEPATH GENERATION. She rules and I plan to marry her someday


October 24th, 2011

So working for Seattle Weekly always seems to be really fun; and last week I was thrilled to learn that when AD Boo Davis needed something violent and manly for their cover, she thought of me. Bless!

Here are some sketches i gave her that I’m deeming fit for public consumption:

And after they picked the top sketch, I went ahead and did the final on a fine Sunday afternoon:

So clean and graphic! Which is just the way they need it for printing on newsprint. I threw in some hand-type as an option, and all that space at the top is for the magazine header.

The whole experience made me realize how much tough dudes getting punched in the face (plus all the bloody spittle and lost “teeth” that implies) is really my bread and butter as an illustrator. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

all you need in life

October 6th, 2011

Men, munitions, MO-NAAAY


October 3rd, 2011



September 19th, 2011

So i did this little doodle tonight since riding my bike has consumed my thoughts for the past 36 hours or so that I’ve owned it:

I’ve had bikes on the BRAIN. I’m sure this is literally what it looks like to anyone talking to me right now. I’m 24 years old and I learned how to ride a bike–truly and for the first time–about a month ago. I’ve been giving it my best try all summer (and the previous fall), but before a month ago I’d never actually successfully ridden anywhere. Inability to ride a bike at my age is often met with volatile reactions (varying from very amused to disbelieving), which only intensifies when they learn my father actually worked for Schwinn during my prime bike-riding years.

Some facts:

1. It’s really hard to get over the fear of falling when you’ve been tall for quite some time (and value the health of your wrists a lot more)

2. I used to never think about bikes or look at them or notice any one was different from the other. Now i see their differences as stark as those of people and dogs.

3. Some cyclists are still jerks to other cyclists. Oh well.

Work is consuming my days, nights, and most of my Sundays lately, so I don’t know when I’ll get another chance to ride it. But hopefully riding in the park this morning will be enough to sustain me for a few days.

(and in color, originally)


September 2nd, 2011

So i did two pieces recently and these are they:

This one’s for a TW Surf Mag piece about the true story of pro surfer Chris Del Moro getting mugged in a cab in Lima. I lived in Peru for three years as a kid, so this is a topic I’m fairly familiar with (I’m also quite familiar with the rough patterned hoodies that gringo tourists were always really fond of).

And on the simpler, trying-to-use-more-muted-colors front, a piece for Seattle Weekly about the morbidly fascinating sexual predator registry.

As always, huge thanks to Sam Allen and Boo Davis respectively!

I have a few freelancing loose ends to tie up in the months to come, but I think 2012 could be a year where i avoid most freelance jobs entirely. I’d like to have more time to focus on that thing which gives me unparalleled pleasure and joy; making zines. (And possibly comics?!?!?!) I’ve been inspired by the genius efforts of my extremely talented peers to have a few zines in the works, one of which is readily available (but very much r-rated! email me for details).


August 2nd, 2011

Josh Tierney has been patiently and politely asking me for about a year to contribute to his huge undertaking of a comic project, Spera. All the cool kids were doing it (seriously, so many talented artists!) so I promised myself I’d give him something. Here it is:

(click for large)

Not much experience drawing girls so this was a weird challenge. But: doggies!!!

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July 19th, 2011

Sketchbook stuff:

Be good. And don’t trust boys.

June 14th, 2011

I watched Get Carter the other night and engaged in a good drawing exercise better known as Pausing the Movie and Doodling What’s on the Screen. Here’s some Michael Caine rendered with various degrees of success.

Fun fact; the actress on the right is actually the mother of the Rockstar Games’s founders, the Houser brothers a.k.a. my boss’s boss’s bosses.

some good advice.

your menses and sharks

May 19th, 2011

TransWorld Surf mag has been giving me some fun assignments on the reg. I usually have less time to finish them than I’d like due to prior engagements and responsibilities, but they still pretty much rule.

And this one was about sharks. I like drawing sharks because they remind me a lot of myself they look like slack-jawed puppets, which makes for giggly times to be had in the sketch phase. i usually challenge myself to see how fat and beady-eyed I can make a shark look, and then promptly forget to scan these gems that end up in the trash. Anyway, here’s the final i turned in with the usual eyeball-bursting colors:

And here’s the version designer Sam Allen, in his infinite wisdom, selectively desaturated to make it mesh with his layout colors:

Hooray! I like it! I usually don’t consider desaturated neutral colors (well, not before laughing at myself and dismissing the idea in favor of HIGHLIGHTER PINK) but i might in the future.

and by the way, the piece is to accompany a reader’s question on whether it’s risky to go surfing while on your period (I was never given the answer).